Ten-ball is a modern pool game . It is a rotation game very similar to nine-ball , but more difficult, using ten balls instead of nine, and with the 10 ball instead of the 9 as the "money ball".
Ten-ball is preferred over nine-ball by some professionals as a more challenging discipline than nine-ball , because it is slightly harder to pocket any balls on the break shot with the more crowded rack , the initial shooter cannot instantly win the game by pocketing the 10 on the break , all shots must be called, and performing a string of break -and-runs on successive racks is statistically more difficult to achieve.
Although the game has existed for a long time, its popularity has risen in recent years as a result of concerns that nine-ball has suffered as a result of flaws in its fundamental structure (particularly the ease with which players can often make balls from the break ). The World Pool- billiard Association (WPA) World Standardized Rules for ten-ball are very similar to those for nine-ball , but with key changes to ensure the difficulty of the game and its marketability as an alternative to nine-ball .