The three-foul rule describes a situation in which a player is assessed a defined penalty after committing a third successive foul . The exact penalty, its prerequisites and whether it is in place at all, vary depending on the games. In nine-ball and straight pool , a player must be the told he is on two fouls in order to transgress the rule, and if violated, results in a loss of game for the former and a special point penalty of a loss of fifteen points (plus one for the foul itself) in the latter together with the ability to require the violator to rerack and rebreak. In Irish standard pool and English billiards , it is a loss of game if a player commits a third foul while shooting at the black. In snooker , three successive fouls from a non-snookered position result in forfeiting the frame . Repeat fouls from a snookered position are quite common - Dave Harold holds the record in a competitive match , missing the same shot 14 successive times.