Also red(s), the red(s).
1. In snooker , any of the 15 balls worth 1 point each that can be potted in any order. During the course of a break a player must first pot a red followed by a colour, and then a red and colour, etc., until the reds run out and then the re-spotted six colours must be cleared in their order. Potting more than one red in a single shot is not a foul the player simply gets a point for each red potted. Red balls are never numbered "1" on their surface, even in (primarly American) sets in which the colours are numbered with their values.
2. In blackball , one of two groups of seven object balls that must be potted before the black. Reds are spotted before yellows, if balls from both group must be spotted at the same time. Compare stripes ; contrast yellow ball .
3. In carom billiards , the object ball that is neither player's cue ball .