As an adjective or compound noun: push - out . A rule in many games (most notably nine-ball , after and only after the break shot ), allowing a player to "push out " the cue ball to a new position without having to contact any ball, much less pocket one or drive it to a cushion , but not counting any pocketed ball as valid (other foul rules apply, such as double hits, scratching the cue ball , etc.), with the caveat that the opponent may shoot from the new cue ball position or give the shot back to the pusher who must shoot from the new position . In nine-ball particularly, and derived games such as seven-ball and ten-ball , pocketing the money ball on a push - out results in that ball being respotted (which can be used to strategic advantage in certain circumstances, such as when the break leaves no shot on the ball-on, and failure to hit it would give the incoming player an instant-win combination shot on the money ball ).