Also pro side of the pocket ; sometimes "of the pocket " is left off the phrase.
The long- rail side of a corner pocket . To "aim for the profession side of the pocket " is to slightly overcut a difficult corner- pocket cut shot , to cheat the pocket , rather than undercutting, especially in nine-ball . Erring too much in this direction is "missing on the professional side of the pocket ." It is so called because experienced players understand that on a thin cut, overcutting the object ball to a corner pocket will far more often leave the object ball in an unfavorable position , i.e. along the short rail for the incoming opponent than will an undercut , which often leaves the object ball sitting in front of or nearby the pocket it had been intended for on a miss .
By contrast, in eight-ball , except when both players are shooting at the 8 ball, the incoming player after a miss is shooting for different object balls, so this maxim does not apply, and the opposite may be good strategy as, if the object ball stays near the pocket through an undercut , it is advantageously positioned for a subsequent turn and may block the opponent's use of the pocket .