A rigid, flat piece of material such as plastic that outlines the exact angles and curvature of the knuckles of the cushions at a pocket , the width of their separation across the pocket opening (the jaws of the pocket ) and the depth into the jaws where the pocket drop is. The templates thereby determine the size and other playing aspects of the pocket . Such standardization is used especially in snooker and English billiards , for which the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association presently issues pocket templates.. These proprietary templates are tightly controlled, and only provided to approved venues and manufacturers. Each table requires two pairs of templates, as the specifications for corner and centre (side) pockets are entirely different. For each pocket type, one template is used to determine pocket width and other horizontal aspects, while the other measures the face of the cushions including any undercut , the fall of the pocket , and other vertical apsects. See also racking template , training template .