Artistic pool trick shot competitions, inspired by the related discipline of artistic billiards , began in 1993 in the US at an amateur level and in 2000 professionally and internationally. They feature a program of 160 tricks to attempt, and include the BCA North American Championship, EPBF European Championship, and WPA World Championship, among others. The tricks are divided into eight "disciplines", including trick/fancy, prop/novelty/special arts, and disciplines for extremes in each of the core cueing techniques.The world governing body for this sport is the WPA Artistic Pool Division, while the largest league and player organization is the US-based Artistic Pool & Trick Shot Association (APTSA). The greatest contemporary champions of artistic pool include Mike Massey, Stefano Pelinga and Tom "Dr. Cue " Rossman, a notable professional player and billiards author.
In APTSA competitions, competitors have three chances to successfully perform each trick, earning full points if they are successful on their first attempts and incrementally reduced points for subsequent attempts. Each shot has an associated difficulty rating (also the point value) with a higher rating being more difficult. A preliminary round of 40 shots is performed, and the top players (the number varies depending on the number of competitors, but usually the top 12) proceed into a head -to- head playoff format to determine the winner. Artistic pool also features equipment limitations, and shot requirements (e.g., preclusion of any off-the-table tricks, such as are popular in events like Trick Shot Magic and World Cup of Trick Shots).