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Thread: Bank shot instruction

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    Bank shot instruction

    Does anyone have any advice on where to go for bank shot instruction? It is a part of my game that is lacking. Just looking for some quality instruction. Thanks

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    If you're looking for a resource that you can work with by yourself, then I would suggest a good book by the late Freddy Bentivegna that is called 'Banking with the Beard'. His nickname was 'The Beard' and this book he wrote was insightful into a lot of banking strategies, calculations and angles. However, if you're wanting the best possible method of banking instruction, then I would suggest going to a well respected instructor whom has been in the game a long time and good credentials. This way, you would get to work 1 on 1 to learn these new concepts and also have the instructor confirm that everything else you're doing fundamentally is going to help you achieve the type of results in your bank game that you are looking for. If you prefer the hands-on instructional method, then feel free to give us a call at CueSport Billiard Academy @ (309) 228-POOL. Thank you and good luck to you!
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    Thank you. I will look into that book.

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    I have not found any of books or videos by the "Master Bankers" helpful. They just can't communicate how they do it. If you watch their videos closely they aren't doing what they say they are doing do. And ironically, they apparently never miss a bank.
    I have not seen what of John Brumback (3 or 4 time Derby City Bank Champ) is selling on his vids. He is a stud. Maybe he has done it, communication-wise. I don't have his stuff. Might be worth a look.
    Tor Lowry on Youtube is impressive on most of his stuff. He might be a good place to start. Absent that info, I suggest that you find an instructor who is qualified and can help you find a way that works for you.
    I will be glad to talk to you more if you get stuck. Good hunting.
    Rod Gustafson
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    I agree with Rod. Tor's stuff is excellent. I have Brumback's video, and unfortunately, it's not much help. Dr. Dave has lots of very useful banking material in his Video Encyclopedias. Banking "systems" are good first approximations, but pool tables & conditions vary quite a bit. Banking is part science, part art.

    I can offer my article, "Bank Robbery," which gives some insight into a few of the non-obvious factors in banking. It also gives you a very simple, lightly structured way to improve your banking sense. Just email me at the address in my signature below and ask for Bank Robbery.
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