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Thread: Problem when Jacked up over a ball

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    Problem when Jacked up over a ball

    I have been in a league for a few years now and I am generally a pretty decent shot when I can get my cue level. When I have to bridge over another ball I consistently tend to miss to the left of the pocket (I shoot right) unless I overcompensate and miss to the right . Although I don't understand the mechanics. I am sure that this has something to do with the fact that my elbow/arm is out to the side but I can't seem to get comfortable unless my arm is out to the side in this situation. Any advice would be appreciated.


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    Two possible issues:

    1. As you elevate (as a right-hander), your head/eyes gradually move toward your left relative to the stick. This means your eyes are not where you are accustomed to being, so you are seeing your aim incorrectly. Remember to move your head over the stick when you elevate.

    2. You mentioned you are going sidearm on elevated shots. This takes the stick away from your sight line, may cause you to tilt your head, and makes your tip swerve side-to-side. I wrote an article about ways to elevate and keep things in the vertical plane of the shot. Anyone who would like a copy of that article, just send me an email and mention "elevate to the moon." This article also introduces the Shoulder Stroke, invented by me.
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    Since reading your post I've been working on lining up as I would for a typical shot and then raising my hand/arm only, focusing on keeping my head and body stationary. Seems to have helped somewhat but still needs some practice. As I was working on this, I realized that I may have also been raising the cue more than necessary for most situations. Keeping the cue lower and hitting higher on the cue ball has also helped somewhat.

    Thanks for the advice

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    Just to add, I notice some players have trouble bridging over balls because they don't realize its only the lower portion of the tip that makes contact.

    One other thing to check: The smaller your bridge hand is, the closer it should be to the blocking ball. With my bridge hand even an inch away from a blocker it would be tough for me to bridge over it cleanly.
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    Read Tom's article. Once you are able to get your arm under the stick (instead of out to the side) that will probably solve the problem (with a little practice). Some other helpful hints: (1) keep your eyes on your line of stroke as you raise up, (2) take a couple "preview" strokes to be sure you are stroking on line, (3) stop your tip at the Cue Ball, and (4) focus entirely on striking the Cue Ball and keep your eyes on the Cue Ball as you shoot (as opposed to looking at the Object Ball). Good luck.
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