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    I have several cut shot marked with donuts on my table both left and right. Am I better off to practice 10 in a row to the left and then 10 to the right or alternate 1 left and then 1 right ( the same angles)?

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    Shooting drills just for the sake of completing drills is not the most effective way to practice. Find out what you are not good at and develop drills that will help improve your weaknesses. If cut shots are your weakness, then figure what kind of cut shots you need to practice, i.e left cuts, right cuts, cue ball frozen to the rail, rail bridges, thin cuts, long cuts, spot shots, etc. If can't figure out a drill that will help, give me a buzz and I'll send you one. Good luck.
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    I'm having trouble making ball consistently. I under cut ball to the left the first time and then can usually make it from then on. Cutting to the right I over cut it the first time and then make it from then on. What do you think?

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    Those are the symptoms of what I call Vertical Axis Perception Error. You are not hitting the vertical center of the cueball, even though your eyes and brain tell you you are.

    You are hitting on the right side of the axis. You're probably not off by much, since you are able to correct it after seeing the result.

    Over 80% of the players I see at pool school have this problem. It causes inconsistency and frustration. After all, you have to trust what your eyes tell you, and they aren't telling you the truth.

    Your eyes are not in the right place for you, relative to the shot line. I correct this on every student. It's a hands-on procedure. Once their head is in the right place, players see the shots correctly, often for the first time ever.

    I see you're in Georgia. I'm giving my 3-Day Intensive at Johnny Archer's room in Marietta (Atlanta area) in June, and still have a couple of open spots. I'll be delivering the content and will be assisted by two other Master Instructors and Top Touring Pro Shawn Putnam. Send me a note if you're interested, and I'll forward you that particulars.
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