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Thread: Forum Rules & Participating Instructors

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    Information Ask Pro Instructors - Please Read This Before Your First Post!

    Learning to play pool is fun, especially when you have a good friend watching your back. A sound advice at early stage can help you avoid the frustration and enjoy the game more. In addition, it can possibly save you a lot of unnecessary troubles to correct bad habits developed over your pool career.

    Here at Ask Pro Instructor forum, students can get the best advices from professional billiard instructors. These instructors have years of experience teaching all aspects of the game and are specialized in explaining intricate concepts in a precise and easy to follow manner.

    To ensure you can get best pro advices, here are special rules for this section:
    1. Any members can post a billiard related question here. Only the original posters and Billiard Instructors members can reply to the question.
    2. If you have your own questions when reading other's thread, please start your new thread and ask there.
    3. Although our instructor members have been working hard in helping everyone, it is difficult for them to cover every single here. Any posts not answered in 4 days will be moved to Pool Game Talk section. Also, if they feel the question is a good topic for public discussion, we will be happy to do it accordingly.
    To get the best result, please think about these when posting your question:
    1. Be sure to complete your member profile, including your skill level and current location.
    2. Please use a clear question sentence in the title and support it with detailed information inside of the post.
    3. You are encouraged to add a CueTable layout url or a YouTube video url to further illustrate your question.
    4. Please be patient and polite with our teachers.
    5. If you like how an instructor interact with students here, please feel free to contact the person directly via email or pm. All instructor members here are very happy to provide more helps on your game. :lightbulb:
    If you are also a billiard instructor who'd like to join:
    1. We truly appreciate your kind effort in joining this group and we will continue to develop the best teaching tools to help you.
    2. Please contact us with your name, contact info and affiliation. We will then create a special Billiard Instructor account for you.
    3. Once registered as an instructor, you will have the access to provide advice here.
    We work hard in making Ask Pro Instructor forum into a true educational resource for players of all levels. Our goals together is to provide a reliable, relevant and resouceful learning environment where all participants can benefit.

    Please feel free to post any pool questions you may have. If you have any suggestions in making this a even better learning experience for you, please kindly leave a note in our Suggestion Box.

    Thank you,
    "Where knowledge of pool transitions into a pool of knowledge!"
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    Award Thanks to Our Participating Instructors

    We'd like to express our gratitude to billiard instructors who participate in Ask Instructors online billiard Q&A here. Please make sure to make a visit if you live in the same area.

    Their passion is to help you improve, gain confidence and be a better player!

    Participating Instructors

    - in the order of last name

    -in the order of state and city

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    Information Forum Rules & Participating Instructors

    Additional Tips

    You can Subscribe to receive daily or weekly email updates of Ask Instructors forum.

    You can also do a detail Search of Ask Instructors forum.

    The tools are located at the top left of the forum window as shown in the attached pic.

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