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Thread: Shooting arm shoulder.

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    Shooting arm shoulder.

    Opinions on the alignment of the shooting arm shoulder. Had a pro player claim recently that 80- 90 percent of elite level players have this shoulder directly on the shot line. I have fairly wide shoulders and feel like iam twisting back to get inline with the shot line. Its awkward. Also had another pro with wide shoulders tell me that this is completely wrong and not something to concern myself with. TALK TO ME !!!!!
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    I would agree the shoulder should be on or close to the shot line, but body shapes and sizes differ. What matters most is, can you keep your cue on the correct shot line? If so, there was never a problem to begin with.
    Dave Manasseri

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    The shoulder 'naturally' aligning with the shot line will depend greatly upon your stance to begin with. There are a LOT of fundamentally correct stances in-between the Eurorpean 'snooker' stance and the so-called American 45 degree stance. It also depends on which of your eyes is more dominant or if they are 50/50. You need to experiment more with how squared up your stance is facing forward or to the side. Having a "wide" shoulder is not an issue at all.
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    Here is a quick way to see if you are twisted in your stance. Line up for a long shot. When you are sure you will make the shot, close your eyes and relax. Wait 10 seconds or so and then open your eyes.

    Are you still lined up to pocket the ball? If yes, your alignment works, if no, you need to do some work.
    Mark Finkelstein

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    We correct this on most players. Not everyone's body can make the change. For those who can, we get them aligned with the entire stroke arm and shoulder in the vertical plane of the shot.

    If their shoulder sticks out past the plane, it requires the player to tilt their forearm to get the stick under their head. The tilted arm swings in an arc. To play well with this arc issue, the player must make complex, moving adjustments with their wrist, fingers, etc. to keep the stick on the line.

    So, for those whose body can do it, swinging in the vertical plane is ideal. For those who can't, we work to get them stroking as straight as possible, given their constraints.
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    Ive been investigating this myself at home using a mirror and just spending time trying to convince my body I can do it. I became a believer when I started shooting the " Shane Van Boening Drill" corner to opposite corner. I can consitantly deliver the cue much straighter and draw the ball straight back a lot more. It has become a comfortable part of my game and I thank you all for your insight !
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