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    I have been intensely practicing for the passed 5 years with a plain cue maple shaft . Its time to upgrade my shaft i was thinking OB-1,OB-2 will i see any difference with a high tech laminated shaft compared to simple maple shaft ? Some really good players say it doesn't matter on a shaft others say a new low deflection shafts are really good . Its hard to decide i would like to hear more opinions .
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    All cues play differently, only you can choose whats best for you. I like low deflection shafts for many reasons, but others think they are a waste of time. Perfectly acceptable. I suggest trying out as many cue/shaft combinations as you can, then decide which one you like. Or buy one, or even a used L/D shaft......sell it if you don't like it. Don't buy a cue just because some pro likes it, buy one that suits you best.
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    I say yes, the low-squirt shafts are the smart way to go. They offer reduced squirt, which means you don't have to adjust your aim as much when you use sidespin. Also, if you fail to hit perfectly on the vertical axis of the CB, these shafts will be more forgiving.

    Further, most of the low-squirt shafts (the marketing folks call them "low deflection") are also a multi-piece construction. This is for radial consistency, so the shaft bends the same in all directions, unlike a single piece of flat-grain wood. It also means the shaft is less likely to warp, and any wood defects are minimized. Why would you NOT want this?

    The OB's are wonderful. See if you can hit one before you buy it, to make sure you like the feel. They have a soft feel and many players claim they get more action with the OB's. My advice is to go with the OB-1 over the OB-2 (thinner). The skinny shafts do squirt a little less, but they require more precision from the player.
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