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Thread: Placing the back foot?

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    Placing the back foot?

    In basketball your right foot is lined up with the basket. In golf the golf ball is just inside your left foot or in the middle of your stance, depending on the club you are using.

    So, In pool where do you line up your right foot?

    If you extend the shot line from the floor through the CB to the OB, where on that line does my right foot go?

    I've been altering and experimenting with this variable for so long and I really can't determine the best option.

    Placing the right foot is like the first aspect of the shot process and the the anchor to the whole stance, alignment and shot, so I've been trying to get it completely perfect. Which means experimenting with the angle of my foot and the part of my foot that's on the shot line (example 1, foot 30 degrees to shot line - inside edge of mid heel on the line) (example 2, foot 60 degrees with the shot line - outside edge of small toe on the shot line)

    I really haven't been able to reach a definitive answer and I was wondering if anyone has a good method to line up in these terms.
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    Hey Dave-

    Start with your right foot on the shot line. From there, proper fundamentals vary from player to player. I wouldn't get too caught up with perfect alignment unless I couldn't hit the ball straight.
    Dave Manasseri

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    There is no definitive answer for where to precisely place the back foot because everyone has different physical attributes/issues. I am sure that I place my back foot in a completely different place than I did 25 years ago when I was more flexible and had my chin bent down closer to the shaft than I do now. I teach people who point their back foot almost directly at the Cue Ball. I see other people who have their back foot at a 90 degree angle to the shot line. I see people who have their tip of their shoe on the shot line. I see people who have their heel near or on the shot line. You get my point. "One size doesn't fit all".
    You are doing exactly what you should be doing, i.e. finding out what placement is best for you. Let me help you find that.

    1. set up a straight in shot about 6 feet long and lined up at a far corner pocket (cue ball at 6 foot mark object ball about 18 inches from the cue ball).
    2. mark the places of the 2 balls with chalk or reinforcement labels or spit so you can set up the balls and shoot the exact shot over and over again.
    3. shoot a stop shot and medium speed (3 table lengths speed).
    4. practice shooting the object ball into the corner pocket and FREEZING (do not move at all for 2-3 full seconds)
    4. observe where your tip has stopped at the end of your stroke (is it on the shot line? left? right? up in the air?, what happened to the object ball?, did the cue ball have unintentional english ?)
    5. pick a position for your back foot, shoot 20 shots in the manner I described above and write down how it went (did that foot position allow you to shoot straight down the line, striking the cue ball in the exact center and pocketing the object ball)
    6. try different positions for your back foot, observe the results and write them down.
    7. have someone stand in front of you and tell you whether the line from your elbow to your shoulder in your stroking arm is lined up with the shot line. Have them do this with several different foot positions.

    Once you have done as I have suggested you should be pretty close to figuring out what the best foot position is for you. If you are still stuck locate a PBIA Instructor and get them to take a look. Good Hunting. Don't hesitate to send an e-mail or phone call if you need some more information.
    Rod Gustafson
    BCA Master Instructor / PAT 3 Examiner

    12231 Forsythe Drive
    Austin, Texas 78759
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    Thanks Rod, I did what you said and I have a much better idea of where I'm going when I'm getting into my shot
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