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Thread: Pocket Size

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    Pocket Size

    I am getting a new cloth and cushions on my home table, at the same time I would like to reduce the bucket size pockets currently on the table (5"). While I like diamond tables with 4 1/2" pockets, I was looking for a size that would be more playable for friends and family and still provide a challenge for me.

    I would appreciate your input.

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    4 1/2" is a good compromise. Any smaller would be tough on friends and family, maybe even too frustrating for you. Advice wise, I say get the table YOU want. Forget about friends and family, they may not even notice the difference. When I reduced my pockets(I went with 4 1/2) all my friends noticed was me running out less!
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    If your table is mostly for social enjoyment, stay with the buckets. Pocketing balls is more fun than jawing them out. Fun is good. And if you're a higher level player, you can tell what part of the pocket your ball went in, and know whether you would have made it on a tight pocket table.

    If you're training for tough competition, yeah, the tighter pockets will keep you on your toes. On the other hand, the tight pockets may lead to you play too conservatively and develop hitches. Is it better to boost your confidence (by playing with generous pockets) or better to practice on tougher equipment than you compete on?

    Personally, I've had both types of pockets. The tight pockets make me respect the requirements of the game. Knowing I'm not going to get away with carelessness, I'm a bit more focused.
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