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Thread: Cloth Color

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    Cloth Color

    I am getting a new cloth for my home table. 4 x 8, incandescent triple light. What color is the best to play on? Many say tournament blue, a number say Simonis - 860 Sand. Please advise on the pro's & con's of each.

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    Based on popularity, the colors you listed are all good choices. Consider the colors of the room, and which would look best in it. Stay away from dark colors to avoid contrast issues, and you should be fine. I like the Simonis HR because it seems to create less burn marks.
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    I recommend the brightest colors - Tour Blue, Electric Blue, Gold, Chartreuse, etc. You want the cloth to reflect light up onto the bottom half of the balls, to improve visibility. If you go with a blue, you'll be able to use all of the exotic new chalks.

    Avoid darks, like black, purple, and dark green. Definitely avoid red.

    You probably do want Simonis 860, as that's the cloth you'll find in most good rooms and most high-level tournaments. Be sure to get the best table mechanic in your area, as installing this cloth takes special skills (or special equipment). Ask around and find out who that is.
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