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Thread: Remote Lessons/Instructions

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    Remote Lessons/Instructions

    Many people on this forum and on AZB mentioned that getting lessons from professional instructor is invaluable. Totally agree with that - good professional instructor can quickly identify and correct your weaknesses. The problem is that not all of us live close to these good instructors. And traveling is not always an easy option due to work/family related constraints. I am wondering what professional instructors on this forum think about teaching remotely. A combination of email, phone, skype and youtube could probably work. A student could videotape himself practicing, then upload the video to youtube. Instructor would analyse the video and provide his feedback...
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    Something like that could work, just not as effectively as live instruction. But yes, I think a student could benefit from a program as you described.
    Dave Manasseri

    BCA Instructor
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    I started to write a fairly detailed response to your question, but I need to think about it a bit more.

    Teaching remotely would probably work, if both parties were fairly tech savvy and they spent some time working out the bugs. At the present time I know I am not there.

    Off the top of my head here are a couple of observations:

    The best part of the instructor/coach relationship is the interaction in the process of learning something. It is not a one way street. The Q & A is invaluable. If the remote technology can allow for this interaction to continue, I don't see a problem.

    I recently watched an online straight pool clinic put on by Pat Fleming (of Accu-Stats fame). The people in the room could ask Q's and it was fine. However the online people calling in to ask questions were a disaster. They could not convey, in words, the way the balls were set-up on the table. As a result their Q's were muddled and table set up was completely unclear. If the questioners were skilled enough and the program was organized differently, the questioners could have sent a picture of their table set-up via the WEI cuetable for example, and partially solved the problem. So...with some work I guess this could work.

    I consider myself acomplished at video analysis. It is much more complicated than just than just setting up a camera and making a video. The more effective camera positions are fluid and may change from person the person (I recently spent 20 minutes just filming the back of a student's stoking hand, while she shot different types of shots at different speeds). The best part of working with video tools is going over the video with the student at your side, frame by frame if necessary. I don't know how to get around this.

    People learn in different ways. Some people need to read it. Some people need to hear about it. Some people need me to show them. Some people need to show me and receive feedback. Some people need to see themselves on video. Some people can't learn unless you use visual aides and only the brightly colored balls. It is even possible that some people won't be able to learn remotely. the top of my head.

    I looked on line and you don't have many PBIA Instructors in New Jersey. Maybe some of the other instructors have some ideas.
    In any event I would be glad to discuss this with you further, especially if you are more tech-wise than I am. My phone number 512-835-2042.
    Rod Gustafson
    BCA Master Instructor / PAT 3 Examiner

    12231 Forsythe Drive
    Austin, Texas 78759
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    I have done remote instruction quite a bit over the years. It can be very helpful in situations like you describe and certainly better than nothing at all or listening to the wrong advice just because it's closer to your location, which could easily set you back even further in your progression to becoming a better player. Drop me a line and I'd be happy to give you some past student references and further details about how remote instruction can indeed be beneficial when done correctly.
    KJ Williams
    Master Instructor
    CueSport Billiard Academy
    (309) 228-POOL

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    50% of my students attend classes in my online classroom. It gives me the opportunity to work with people from all over the world - however you have to understand the capabilities of what the instruction can offer you as a student. Most of my online instruction is structured the same way I would structured an instructional DVD. The only difference being the fact that the student can ask questions and receive detailed answers in a one on one setting.

    I DO NOT try to treat an online session the same way as in person instruction. There are limits to what I can see - and what I can do through a computer screen. If a player has a problem with their mechanics, though I can give general advice - I'm not going to be able to see what I need to see.

    Most of the course that I offer online are game specific - such as 9 ball& straight pool, and I do a lot of one on one coaching for the mental game - game strategy - I also break down professional and amateur matches in depth and use them in conjunction with the coaching and training.

    It has taken me a while to learn what can and cannot be taught - but I have yet to have any complaints on any the clinics/classes/ coaching sessions I have done. In fact - I have had plenty of players take multiple courses through my school.

    If any of the other instructors would like any material for their on-line schools or just videos or learning material in general - feel free to get with me.

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