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Best rack of one-pocket on youtube

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    One Pocket Best rack of one-pocket on youtube

    In yall's opinion, what is the best rack of one-pocket ever played that is available on video on the internet?


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    Although some people tend to think one pocket videos are difficult to watch I think most will agree that any video of Efren Reyes is packed with valuable info.

    However one of the better racks I have seen recently would be a rack from 2009 Galveston World Classic 1P Scott Frost Vs Gabe Owen (fast forward to 1:31:00)... My friend JoeyA and Danny Harriman did a terrific job commentating the entire match.

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    More one pocket videos can be found here: Pool Video Screening Room > 1P
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    i watched part of the reyes/parika match from galveston and turned it off after about four innings. i think the camera work was terrible. when i watch a 1p match, i want to see how the balls lay before the shot, and i want to see thr carom action and follow the cb. you just can't get this information when the camera is located on the side of the table and 4' off the floor. not trying to be picky, but disapointed.
    ralph l

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