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Thread: The 276 best Pool and Billiard trickshots on youtube

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    The 276 best Pool and Billiard trickshots on youtube

    Ive been watching loads and loads of videos on trickshots and made this compilation with the best shots from all videos. Its been fun making it and I hope you like watching it Its a 45 minute compilation with the craziest, original, classic, great moments shots. I also added some gummbah (absurdism) and non-pooltrickery for diversity, because even if you like trickshots you'll see that 45 minutes is very long.

    Here's the description of the videos:

    Welcome to the ultimate 45 minute trickshot compilation of youtube (extended version ) I tried to find all the crazy, original, cool, difficult and 'great moments in pool'-trickshots. I mixed them up a bit with non-pool trickery because even if you like pool, you will find yourself getting numb for all these crazy shots.

    I tried to mention everyone in this video, but may be I forgot 1 or 2. Let me know if I forgot you. Also if you made a great shot yourself that should definetly be among the 276 best shots, or if you have seen one on youtube, let me know!

    Pool & Billiards trickshots
    Alain Martel
    Alex "the lion" Pagulayan
    Belgium Pool School
    Chris Drydens
    Colin "24 stroke shots" Colenso
    Daniel & Nenad
    Daniel Kozlak
    Daniel Sanchez
    Danville Pool Mafia
    DrDaveBIlliards (Godfather of poolknowledge)
    Earl "the Pearl" Strickland
    Efren "Bata" Reyes
    Eric J Yow! "psycoyow"
    Fast Larry
    Florian "Venom" Kohler
    Halo "the pool playing dog"
    Isao Yuyama
    Jake Fats
    Jared Riley and Trevor Wienhoff
    Jason Lynch
    Jean Reverchon
    Jesse Jallred (single handed)
    Joe Crackem
    Kevin "quitter" Megen
    Klaas "the not so good"
    Kriss Sparks
    Long Chi Dung
    Martin van Rhee "The Dutch Prince"
    Miguel Torres
    Mike Massey (legend)
    Murat Terzi
    Pavel "Ppooler" Poledno
    PrayingMantis72 "∞ trickshots"
    Rob "the Hurricane" Peacock
    Roy Steffensen
    Semih Sayginer "The Turkish Prince"
    Serdar Gümüş
    Shawn Putnam
    Steve Marks
    Tim "silent 1der" Chin
    Tommy "T-buzz" Vancra Ybeek
    Willie Mosconi (legend)
    Yannick Ducati
    Yoshikazu Kimura

    Non-pool trickery:
    Anish Giri (chess)
    Dennis Bergkamp (field soccer)
    Ehsan Shafiq (taekwondo)
    Extreme freestyle footballteam
    Frederique Collignon (table foosball)
    Jimmy Connors (tennis)
    John Mcentee (football)
    Jserrano84 (flairtending)
    Junior (breakdance)
    Jyoti Raju (climbing)
    KJER (acrobatic)
    Thomas Déruns (ice hockey)
    Tom knapp (schooting)
    Touzani (streetsoccer)
    Tsatsulow (freetsyle streetsoccer)

    #1 PWM - [BG'O] intensive
    #2 Shpongle - Dorset Perseption
    #3 Röyksopp - One Vision
    #4 Yahel - Voyage
    #5 K90 - Red Snapper
    #6 Weirdo - Say Yes (if you understand me)
    #7 Lab4 - Reformation
    #8 Leviathan - Yes, No


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    Very impressive videos! Thanks for putting the videos together and my hat is off to all the players

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    Hello Wei Chao, thanks for the comment

    I see your local pool hall is Amsterdam Billiards. recently ive been to new york and went there. I watched a nice game of one pocket. It was a slightly older guy (he introduced himself as Danny) playing versus an asian looking guy. The asian guy looked pretty much like your avatar... was that you? I was the guy sitting in the chair, we talked a bit about why you placed a coin on the pockets and you told me Danny was better so he had to score more balls in his pocket.

    The night I was there was, the 23rd of february.

    Would be funny if that was you

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    Hello, I think I remember you

    The gentleman I played with is Danny Barouty, one of the best straight pool players in NYC. He rarely plays anything else other than straight pool. We have this ongoing battles every month or so where he would try to torture me and I would try to escape. I think that night was the other way around. Thanks for the good luck you brought in

    Let me know next time you come to town. Maybe we can hit some balls or even go play 3 cushion billiards. (I noticed some billiards footage in the videos you put together)

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    @Wei Chao
    What a coincidence That night my friends and I splitted up, I went for some pool they went to see the NY knicks. My game is horrible at the moment (I need some serious training to get back.. havent done that in a long time) and that night I quitted playing within the hour ("are you sure? I have to charge you for the full hour" - yes Im very sure ). And then i noticed you two making unlogical shots.. that must be one-pocket! It was nice to watch and i've seen great banks and a difficult clearance by Danny. Really made my night!

    At this time I dont have plans to come to NY again. May be in the fall. If it happens Id love to play a game, though I think you will be the Danny Barouty and I the Wei Chao

    @ Everyone: Unfortunatly I cant edit the openingpost anymore (may be an operator could do that for me?) Ive taken down the 3rd and 4th video because of a couple editing mistakes. A sighing Efren Reyes was in the middle of the 3rd video.. the thing he was sighing about was in the 4th video. I corrected that and reuploaded the videos.

    These are the correct videos: (part 3 and 4)

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