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About Us


There are two main elements on this web site

  1. Pool.bz Billiard Social Network- an online learning community for pool & billiard games. Supported by top players and instructors around the world, the forum features the best online visual enhancement tools for billiard education. For more information on how our forum features, please view Pool.bz Forum Member Guide.
  2. CueTable Billiard Software - a collection of various free billiard diagramming and visualiztion software for communication, practice training and studies of strategy between players. CueTable appears extensively throughout major pool community sites around the world.

About CueTable Software

CueTable is a free billiard diagramming tool for communication, practice training and studies of strategy between players. Think of it as a virtual canvas that gives everyone the ability to diagram billiard shots in a visually accurate and dynamic way. Through its advanced features, table diagrams can be readily charted, saved, emailed, posted, blogged, and archived to the far reaches of the Web.


Example Usage

Imagine yourself having a conversation about table position with friends online:

"Yesterday I came to a shot where the 1 ball was over by the top right corner pocket, cue ball in the middle, 2 ball down here and 3 ball over there. I was trying to do this and that happened..."

Not quite easy to describe, right?

On CueTable, you can draw the layout in a few seconds and show it to friends by posting a data url generated by the program. They can also make adjustments or comment on the original layout and send another url back to you.


There is no longer a need to use a separate software and to save graphic documents. CueTable software saves all positional data in a single string of texts which can easily be accessed and edited again.

We strongly believe that, by encouraging more precise dialogues among the pool player community, there will be a higher level of execution in this sport.

Pool.bz website and CueTable software are created for the advancement and proliferation of billiard communication, for our community and the future generation of players.

Demo Video

We have prepared a 6 minutes demo video to show you how CueTable functions in a forum evironment.

A Great Asset for Everyone

-For the growth of your game

1, Start keep track of your games..

Start take notes of your growth. Record all your troubled shots for later practice. If a laptop is too heavy to carry, bring some blank layout templates with you and start charting away.

You'd be amazed as your game grows over time at a solid pace. You might even be able to write a book in six months.

2, Discuss your game visually..

Show the great shots you came across on the table last night. Discuss the possibilities of a particular situation. Share the solution and fun together with friends on CueTable.com.

There has never been such an easy, fast and precise way to show a shot via the net.

3, Ask a question to instructors..

Looking for some help pointers? Having a game situation not sure what to do?

Ask it away in the Ask Instructors Forum. You will get the most accurate answers directly from professional instructors who want to help you. You will be able to locate them in the city you live in for a hands-on class too!

4, Spread good words to people..

Do you share your life on a personal blog or MySpace page?

Add a CueTable Web Banner to it. Show your true passion. Let people know you love pool and you can show them with the best tool!


-For the growth of the sport

1, Show your passion in a pool blog..

Just started getting serious about pool? Playing in a league team? Want to show people cool shots? Blogging is fun, free and easy to do.

To help our sport grow, we really need more people to share their passion in the public space. You can also benefit greatly from it too! Please check our "CueTable-ready" sample templates to get started.

2, Start a layout discussion..

There are several great billiard specific discussion forums on the internet where enthusiasts gather and share their passion. Take parts in an active learning process.

Focus your energy on the most crucial part of playing pool- game situations and shot layouts.

3, Find more layouts from the web..

We have been archiving some of the most interesting layouts drawn by people in the Layout Depository section of CueTable Library.

At the beginning of each month, we will import some of the interesting shots to the program list of our Pool Shot Browser at our home page.

4, Tell us about your experience..

Would you like to help us improving CueTable software? Got a cool project idea?

Please contact us if you have any comments or suggestions on how to make it better for you, for people and for the future of pool.


Our Mission


For any group to glorify in a society, there need to be frequent communications between its members. As its language has become sophisticated and easy for people to comprehend, the group will evolve and gain popularity. For some, pool is merely a fun pastime activity. This is perfectly acceptable. Let's learn a few more things and make it even more fun. For others who like to get a little more serious, let's keep the conversation going and learn from each other.


Billiard is a game, a sport, a social gesture and a quick class in science. With properly developed communication, it can very well be a new form of artistic expression, an in-depth study of human mind, and hopefully -- a healthy way of life.

To view it from a higher level, billiard carries a honorable history and attracts a large population of participants. The activity is widely accessible, requires very little to start and has no age or physical requirements. It offers unique opportunity in learning bits of physics and psychology. It facilitates a colorful conversations and brings people together.


Over the past 100 years, we have seen numerous billiard instruction books. Advanced players such as Willie Hoppe, Raymond Ceuleman, Heinrich Weingartner, Willie Mosconi and Eddie Robin carefully wrote down their life-long table experience, at a time when people wanted to keep their action secret, with limited tools and resources. The books had a small circulation, and most of them have been out of print for a long time. Few people today would have a chance to see them.

Later as the sport started to gain a better public image, we have expert writers such as Robert Byrne, Philip B. Capelle, George Fels, Jack H. Koehler and a few others that continued the older tradition of teaching. They all have produced excellent volumes of educational material. However, these valuable works were still done in ink on paper. This older medium limits us from studying and discussing at a larger scale.

As technology advances, we need to create new tools to preserve these valuable history, extend the knowledge, and prepare for further discoveries together.

The Future for Pool

Many believe the web has entered a second phase, where new services and software are transforming the web from a predominantly "read only" medium to one where anyone can publish and share content with others easily.

The "new" web is already having an impact on us as blogs, media services, and other social software have created new opportunities for learning and sharing information. We need to provide better and faster communication for pool players to collaborate and for the general public to gain more interest in our sport.

Our Goal

  • More players joining the sport.
  • More players sharing solutions.
  • New players ready to learn.
  • More players playing better.

Weitable Background History

How It Started

It all started in the fall of 1997 when an intermediate player named Wei, encountered Lou, a well-seasoned one pocket player from St. Louis, in a public newsgroup called RSB (rec.sports.billiard.)

Lou was trying to describe a specific shot in a post. Even though he is a true expert in the game with good communication skills, the shot was a bit too complicated to be described without a visual reference. Out of the blue Wei wrote a simple diagram/email tool for Lou to draw it out and to show the shot.

It had a crude, yet easy to use interface and quickly gained popularity amongst pool players in cyberspace because it satisfied the great need of players who want to share their experiences on the table. In 2000, a slightly more refined version came out. The software was only 37k in file size, so people can look at shots quickly.

WeiTable History

The software has been affectionately called the "WeiTable" in internet chat forums. It is happily sitting in our back room now. It still works great! CueTable can understand everything he says.

The Y2K version of WeiTable has served over 1 million layouts between 2000 and 2006. It is still available here if you would like to take a look:


Throughout the years, WeiTable has received many kind words, comments and suggestions from all users. This has encouraged us greatly - in our work. Over the years we had consulted with instructors, professional players, computer programmers and web designers. In March 2006, we finally presented a new version of the software with all the bells and whistles. We named it "CueTable".

CueTable has been widely used by many differnt people for education and communication purposes. It has served over 800,000 layouts to 320,000 individual users since March, 2006.


Special Thanks

To everyone who have helped CueTable project in the past:

We would like to sincerely express our gratitude for your kind help in the early years of our development. Without your great assistance and encouragement, it will not be possible for us to have what we have today.

Please keep your wonderful suggestions and critical comments coming. We will strike our best to make CueTable the perfect tool for pool players to use in billiard education and communication.

Thank you very much!


Wei Chao


Concept Realization
Joey Aguzin, Karen Haight, Ira Lee, Steve Lipsky, Eric Nadler, Tom Simpson, Miriam Songster

Project Direction
Fran Crimi, Gail Glazebrook, Thorsten Hohmann, Bob Jewett, Scott Lee, Jude Rosenstock, Charlie Williams

Technical Assistance
Julio Garcia, Bill Holloway, Mike Howerton, Greg Sullivan

Software Development
Jerry Breiseth, Dennis Dieckman, Lou Figueroa, Pat Flemmings, Paul Hamberger, Mika Immonen, Erik Jacobsen, Jeanette Lee, Mike Massey, David Maurer, Tony Robles,Ron Shepard, Paul Smith, Joe Tucker


Public Promotion
Fred Agnir, Michael Basha, Steve Booth, Paul Burg, JR Calvert, Samm Diep, Max Eberle, Paul Frankel, Mark Griffin, Corey Harper, David Luddy, Stuart Mattana, Vincent Romano, Tom Rossman

Language Translation
Dirk Janus, Enrico Galli, Yang Hing Man, JJ Hsiao, RC Brown

Business & Legals Assistance
Ricky Wong- New York City Department

Pintso Topgay -NYC Small Business Solutions

Tomislav Joksimovic, Rachael Patterson
-Clifford Chance US LLP


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Privacy and Data Protection


The safety and privacy of personal data has a special value for Pool.bz. Personal data stored at Pool.bz is protected by extensive technical and operational safeguards against potential unauthorised access or abuse. Our security procedures are regularly reviewed along with the latest technological developments.

Pool.bz uses a secure method of data transmission known as SSL (Secure Socket Layer) transmission to process user information.

Pool.bz Membership

We collect; store; modify; use and transmit personal data for their own specific purposes towards the justification and settlement of the user's contract or contract relationships, including individual and personal customer advice and support, and to protect the legitimate business interests of Pool.bz. We will not transmit personal data to third parties (such as delivery companies). Only information that is needed to carry out its task will be transmitted and used.

Usage of Cookies

For the reason of improving Pool.bz’s online service, the commonly-named system of ‘Cookies’ are used. Cookies are text files, which are stored on a users computer when they visit a website. Cookies are used either once or over a longer period of time to use a user’s recurring attitudes within the Pool.bz site to their benefit – in terms of personalising the Pool.bz online experience and its functions and tools towards individual user’s needs. The text files contain no address data (i.e. user’s names and E-Mail data) or other personal information. Pool.bz will not link data found in these text files with other data sources. Cookies serve to further our analysis of web-page usage and enables us to make our service more user-friendly; more effective and safer.

Deactivation of Cookies

Users can set their web browser to halt the storage of the data files known as Cookies. In some cases this can lead to certain services and website functions to become unusable.

User Rights to Access to Personal Information

Visitors and users of Pool.bz’s web page can request (free of charge) access to any information held about them and its origin; any recipients of their data and the reason for the storage of such data.

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