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Software Guide

    Software Guide

    Diamond System Calculator simulates the basic 3 cushion ball path when the cue ball is hit with 2 tips running english, normal speed, level cue and follow through stroke.

    Simply click and drag the cue ball or first ghost ball around to get instant readings on the third and fourth rail contact numbers. If there isn't a contact point on the second rail, the ball path will turn yellow and the calculation will stop. Click on the table labels to switch between pool table graphic and billiard table graphic.

    The starting rail marking is the point where the cue ball line starts (not the contact point if the cue ball is frozen to the rail). The first rail markings are along the line where the diamonds line up; you have to "aim through" the rail to the marking number instead of the cushion contact point. The third and fourth rail markings show where the cue ball will contact the cushion.

    You can use the manual offset feature to show the path under different playing conditions by clicking on the up or down arrows in the calculation formula. Each click will add or subtract one unit. For pool tables, you might want to offset the third rail contact to -5 and the forth rail contact to -10 as a good starting point.

    If you find this helpful, please forward the link to your friend by click on the "Share This" button located on the top right of this page. This is the first module which mainly focus on one system. It is our intention to continue to cover 4 other systems in the same module. Your feedbacks are greatly appreciated! please kindly add them after this thread in our forum: CueTable Diamond System Calculator Discussions

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    Software Illustration

    Diamond System Indicating Numbers