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Software Guide


CueTable is a free billiard diagramming tool for communication, practice training and studies of strategy between players.

Think of it as a virtual canvas that gives everyone the ability to diagram billiard shots in a visually accurate and dynamic way.

Through its advanced features, table diagrams can be readily charted, saved, emailed, posted, blogged, and archived to the far reaches of the Web.


Imagine yourself having a conversation about table position with friends online:

"Yesterday I came to a shot where the 1 ball was over by the top right corner pocket, cue ball in the middle, 2 ball down here and 3 ball over there. I was trying to do this and that happened..."

Not quite easy to describe, right?

On CueTable, you can draw the layout in a few seconds and show it to friends by posting a data url generated by the program. They can also make adjustments or comment on the original layout and send another url back to you.


There is no longer a need to use a separate software and to save graphic documents. CueTable software saves all positional data in a single string of texts which can easily be accessed and edited again.

We strongly believe that, by encouraging more precise dialogues among the pool player community, there will be a higher level of execution in this sport.

CueTable software and its forum are created for the advancement and proliferation of billiard communication, for our community and the future generation of players.

Our Goal

  • More players joining the sport.
  • More players ready to learn.
  • More players sharing solutions.
  • More players playing better.

Steps To Insert A Diagram In Our Forum

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  1. Prepare your diagram by moving objects around.
  2. Click on Copy_Layout_URL button
  3. Go to your post and do a Edit : Paste (Ctrl-V or Cmd-V)
  4. Submit your post and view.

Special Note

  • CueTable can be quickly accessed via the dropdown links on our site header.
  • Our forum system will automatically decode your URL into a diagram. Please use our Test Forum to try it out.
  • In other forums, you will need to wrap [wei] tags around the URL by pressing a special [wei] button in post editor.
  • CueTable requires Adobe Shockwave Plugin to run.
  • Clicking on Help button in bottom-left corner will open software manual.

*Note: the automatic layout url converting function is down temporarily. Please use the [CueTable] tags function in the meanwhile.

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